melbourne, australia


If only we had more time in Melbourne! 

Our trip started in Melbourne for two reasons: the culture and the tennis. We had high hopes for both and our expectations were easily surpassed. The Australian Open setup is fantastic. With all that is happening on the grounds, it’s easy to forget there is a tennis stadium! We were loving all of the food, drinks, shops and live music. Tennis is a big deal in Australia and the atmosphere made is a blast! 

Our hotel was on the outskirts of the CBD (Central Business District), in South Yarra, conveniently located on a killer shopping street, Chapel Street, with great little cafes and restaurants. 

We were blown away by how good the food and shopping was in Melbourne! The laneways (Aussie term for alley) have all been refurbished and now are home to coffee shops, local restaurants and boutiques. Melbourne is 80% small businesses and, coming from NYC, we could not get enough of this local feeling in a big city. 

There is so much left to explore in Melbourne and we cannot wait to be back! 


  • Melbourne
    • Degraves Street
    • Flinders Lane
    • Shopping: Rains, Larry, Kuwaii, Obus, Incu 
    • Restaurants: Chin Chin, Supernormal, Izakaya Den, Rice Paper Scissors, Madame Brussels
  • Brighton Beach
  • St. Kilda


  • Australian Open
  • Hidden Secrets Walking Tour