vienna, austria


Our time was so quick in Vienna, it might not even be worth a post!

Vienna is packed with culture—art and music buffs would be in heaven! The city is very grandiose and elegant. Every building looks like it should be on top of a wedding cake. We loved biking around the very bike-friendly city and Patrick had fun taking pictures of MK in front of the well preserved Palaces.


  • Hotel
    • Hotel Grand Ferdinand
  • Restaurants
    • Breakfast
      • Heuer am Karlsplatz
      • Joseph Brot
    • Dinner
      • Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper
      • Salonplafond im MAK


  • Walk around Belvedere Palace
  • Schoenbrunn - Emperor's summer palace
  • Secession Art Museum
  • Hofburg Palace Museum