queenstown, new zealand


Queenstown is called the adventure capital of the world and we quickly found out why! 

Hiking, paragliding, zip-lining, and jet boating are just a few of the things we did in our short time. Most of Queenstown and the surrounding region was once covered by glaciers, which means that it is now full of dramatic peaks and deep blue lakes. In our 'down time' we spent time exploring the small towns of the South Island. We rented a car and had a lot of fun driving on the wrong side of the road through Arrowtown, Glenorchy, and Wanaka. 


If you live in Queenstown, a typical day is full of adventure and night spent with a bottle of wine, sitting on the harbor, watching the sunset. 

New Zealand natives, or "Kiwi's", were so nice to us. Everyone greeted us on the street, asked us where we were from, and even gave us tips on Queenstown and the South Island. It started with our cab driver from the airport and ended with a father-son duo from Christchurch that we met on a hike. Finally, we had some NYC friends in Queenstown - Erika Flavin and Margaux Weiner. Erika and MK worked in Nantucket together and have been friends for the last six years. Erika and Margaux decided to leave their jobs in NYC, travel for a few months in Asia, and settle down to work in New Zealand for the next year. They are just getting started and came to meet us in Queenstown for the week! It was so entertaining to listen to their travel stories and enjoy some American company. We are wishing all the best to Erika and Margaux in their year as honorary Kiwis!



  • Erika & Margaux
    • And all of their backpacking friends!
  • Brian, our new friend from Christchurch and a world traveler who gave us lots of recommendations for SE Asia!


  • Towns
    • Queenstown - a great home base because of the adventure activities and the nightlife
    • Arrowtown - old gold-mining town; really cute and worth a day trip for the awesome restaurants
    • Wanaka - scenic ride to a cute little town
      • Visit the Wanaka Tree
      • Hike Roy’s Peak
      • Wine tasting at Rippon vineyard
    • Glenorchy - the smallest town we visited; sits on the other side of the lake from Queenstown
  • Restaurants
    • Bespoke Kitchen - incredible breakfast
    • Yonder - reminiscent of NYC's Egg Shop
    • Fergburger - worth the wait for the famous berger
    • Taco Medic - cute casual taco stand
    • Patagonia Ice Cream - Patrick's favorite


  • Activities
    • Hiking
      • Ben Lomond
      • Tiki Trail
      • Queenstown Hill
      • Roy’s Peak
    • Paragliding
    • Zip-lining
    • Shotover Jet Boat
  • Luge
  • Driving (on the left side of the road!)